Verkabelung Patchkabel

Hersteller, Wirewin - PKW-OUT-K5E GRAU
Outdoor Patchkabel, Anti-UV PVC Mantel, F/UTP, schwarz
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  • Category 5e patchcable
  • Shield: F/UTP shielded
  • 4- pairs twisted
  • Wires: AWG26 100% copper
  • Coating: LSZH
  • 10 different lenght
  • With innovating slim booth
  Wirewin® outdoor patch cables of category 5e correspond to the values according to ISO11801 and EN50173. This allows a data transfer of 1 GBit / s. Category 5e is specified with 100MHz. The jacket of these cables is made of halogen-free material and therefore is flame-resistant. A white category 5e RJ45 plug with gold-plated contacts is used as connector. On the underside of the spout is a length imprint. All Wirewin® KAT5e outdoor patch cables are equipped with a lifetime warranty!
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