New Ethernet & Wireless Product Division

When Teltonika released the first router and gave the start to Teltonika Networks years ago, no one could imagine the pace at which this new venture would be growing. The RUT100 mobile router was released back in 2007, and interestingly, this model is still in use in some industry sectors today. From that year Teltonika Networks demonstrated exponential growth in the portfolio, developing and releasing devices with completely new functionalities and made for different purposes. Ability to adhere and respond to the market needs quickly, flexibly, and efficiently gave results and over time Teltonika Networks has become one of the biggest and most trusted global cellular router and gateway manufacturers for IoT, M2M, and professional applications.

Currently, there are 22 Teltonika Networks product models available for purchase in the market. Since the beginning, we have put a great focus and effort into our cellular device division as this line of equipment was hugely successful for us and made our name known to the world. However, lately, it has become apparent, that if we wish to continue our efforts in supporting our clients at the highest level, we need to redesign our approach. As such, we are excited to introduce our new Ethernet & Wireless product division. At first, we will roll-out this redesigned approach to our European clients and later on expand to the rest of the continents. Our goal is to take all the market know-how, specific technical skills, and overall philosophy from experience working with cellular devices and apply it to the new product division. We are sure that this change will allow more efficient independent development of both lines, more precise specialization of our sales teams and accelerate growth. Having dedicated specialists with extensive training and deep product-specific knowledge will bring us even closer to our clients than ever before, allowing us to offer a more tailored service while providing essential connectivity for mission-critical infrastructures around the globe.

So, we start the Ethernet & Wireless division with a selection of switches and routers. Last year we released our first-ever TSW100 switch, which was the first device in our portfolio featuring a PoE technology and easily found its' place in the market for industrial networking applications. Just recently we launched a second industrial switch in the history of Teltonika Networks - TSW110, which shortly should be joined by some other exciting products in the category - stay tuned!

Our newest product in the router category is RUT300. This small but rugged industrial device complemented the Ethernet & Wireless group, where we already had our well-known RUTX series models - RUTX08 and RUTX10. If you are interested to learn more about the new RUT300 router, please feel free to join our live webinar, where we will share a thorough introduction accompanied by real-life use cases and a Q&A session. Just follow the registration link at the end of this article.