MikroTik CAT6 Product Line

We are happy to announce an update to our LTE product line for urban and rural areas. The popular SXT, LHG,
LtAP and wAP ac LTE devices have evolved. They are getting a CAT6 upgrade, while still being exceptionally costeffective.
The new R11e-LTE6 modem – heart and brains of MikroTik CAT6 devices (including Audience LTE6 kit!) –
enables higher speed and new features of LTE Category 6 networking.

Reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps with carrier aggregation, as CAT6 allows devices to use multiple bands at
the same time. A huge advantage when there are a lot of LTE users in the area. MikroTik CAT6 LTE product line
provides better responsiveness in a crowded environment and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the
countryside. Depending on the service provider, we have seen Internet speed doubling in rural areas after switching
to CAT6, so there is no need to wait for cable network expansions. Choose MikroTik CAT6 LTE and always be
MikroTik CAT6 Product Line

Linus Tech Tips switches to MikroTik

Our swift CRS312-4C+8XG-RM switch has been featured in a Linus Tech Tips video. The famous tech blogger with more than 9 million YouTube subscribers found this switch to be the perfect solution for 10G networking in his home, where tremendous amounts of content are stored and managed each day.

The CRS312-4C+8XG-RM is a truly unique product, as it features 8 x 10G RJ45 Ethernet ports and 4 x 10G combo ports that can be used either as 10G RJ45 Ethernet or 10G SFP+.
Linus Tech Tips